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Weapons of Ving Tsun


Weapons as passed down in our family by Grandmaster Moy Yat through his sifu Great Grandmaster Ip Man.



The art of Ving Tsun can be very devastating when one becomes proficient at it, making it a great weapon the Ving Tsun practitioner possesses. The saying goes "Hands and feet move accordingly".

Long Pole


Made of wood that tapers towards the end, the long pole can measure anywhere from 8 to 13 feet in length. Generaly used as a training aid, it can double as a weapon when the Ving Tsun practicioner is heavily out numbered.

Double Knives


The double knives, also known as the butterfly knives, are used as an extension of the arms and are extremely deadly in the right hands. An experienced Ving Tsun practitioner can use these knives very quickly and efficiently when needed.

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