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Ming House Ving Tsun  


A Moy Yat family kung fu branch based on kung fu life preservation!


Master Steven Nativi, also known as Sifu Ming Fan, and his wife Ming Lei have been working hard under their Sifu, Ming Sam, to achieve a high level of proficiency in the art of ving tsun. They put together a community based on a concept of preserving kung fu by way of kung fu life. The name of the branch uses the last name Ming, a name given by Grandmaster Moy Yat to his disciple Grandmaster Samuel Harris "Ming Sam", and House to represent the principal location in which the original Ming Sam classes are taught. Ming House Ving Tsun also serves as a symbol for another means of kung fu life preservation in the independent film industry.

Sifu Ming Fan runs Ming House Ving Tsun which is located in Springfield, VA with his wife Ming Lei; they are a 3rd generation Yip Man (Ip Man) lineage under the Moy Yat family. Practitioners of Ming House Ving Tsun are: Public Relations Logan Regier, Dai SiHing Kevin Leung, Maria Arends, Ramon Flores, who has been given the nickname Gou Saan by Sifu Rick Chung "Chung Kwok Leung", Michael Cabrera, Stuart Hill, Selena Soloman, Raza Abbas, and Christian Rankin. Some students from Sifu Ming Sam's school, including Isaac Spence, Jabari Reaves, Daniel Folks, Malik Moore, James Gage, and Malik Powell, participate in occasional classes, events, and other projects as well.

We welcome you to join our family branch and help us in our cause to preserve kung fu life! You can support us on Patreon, by word of mouth, or simply liking, subscribing, and sharing with your friends and family.

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